3rd April 2020

With reference to the sanitary emergency related to COVID-19 pandemic, yesterday , 2020.04.01 the Italian Prime Minister has issued a new Decree , confirming the existing restraining measures for people and activities of the previous Decrees.
Therefore complying with the above mentioned DPCM we are obliged :
• to prolong from 2020.04.06 to 2020.04.13 included the whole suspension of every activity.
We state again that this pandemic and our Government’s provisions fall under the contractual clause of force majeure event , totally out of Fondalpress control.
We’ll continue in monitoring the evolution of the emergency situation, confident that we can come back to the normal activity from 2020.04.14 ; at the same time we rely on your understanding and support.

We stay at your disposal for further details, compatibly with the above mentioned measures.

According to the DPCM of 10.04.2020 the lock down is extended to May 3rd.