23rd March 2020


because of the sanitary emergency evolution related to the ongoing pandemic, the Italian Prime Minister has issued some Decrees , including always more restraining measures , in order to limit the spread of COVID-19, the last one yesterday, 2020.03.22.
Fondalpress has implemented carefully the measures first requested and then imposed to people and activities, even with serious economic impacts.

Therefore complying with the above mentioned Decree we are obliged :

• from 2020.03.23 to 2020.03.25 to secure and lock up our installations and dispose the last shipments
• from 2020.03.26 to 2020.04.05 included to interrupt every activity.

We communicate herewith that this unpredictable event is with no doubt identifiable as a force majeure event , totally out of Fondalpress control.

We’ll continue in monitoring the evolution of the emergency situation, confident that after the above mentioned date we can come back to the normal activity; at the same time we rely in your understanding and support to be able to reach our common goals.

Our staff is at your disposal for any need.

Kind regards

Fondalpress SpA
The General Management