In 2011 Fondalpress adopted the Organization, Management Control Model, which integrates the Code of Ethics , the parameters and the requirements in respect of the governing law.


Fondalpress , attentive to the correct environmental management of its plants, has implemented for years a certified system according to the international standard UN EN ISO 14001.

After the first certification of 2006, the company has changed and improved its environmental management getting the certification in 2018 in accordance with the 2015 edition, through the support of an accredited certification body.

The certificate UN EN ISO 14001 and Fondalpress Environmental Policy are available for downloading at MEDIA ROOM – DOWNLOAD of this website.


A system has been designed to treat the blended fluid used to lubricate the dies.

Thanks to this brand-new installation it is possible to recover the fluid and recycle it in the manufacturing process; this in the aim of combining eco-friendly approach with production efficiency.

Efficiency results in reduced pollution and consumption.