By the plant of Castell’Alfero there is the foundry, equipped with an area for the melting furnaces, a production shop organised in working isles, and the related functions: engineering, quality. logistics. tooling and machinery maintenances. offices.


  • 1 Furnace MARCONI with 3000 kg/h capacity
  • 1 Furnace FERGAL with 3000 kg/h capacity
  • 1 Furnace BOTTA with 3000 kg/h capacity
  • 1 Furnace BOTTA with 3000 kg/h capacity
  • 1 Furnace MARCONI with 2000 kg/h capacity


22 fully automatic High Pressure Die-Casting machines (cold chamber), complete with holding furnace, feeder and trimming press:

  • no. 1 – 600 t.
  • no. 1 – 700 t.
  • no. 6 from 750 t. to 900 t.
  • no. 5 from 1100 t. to 1600 t.
  • no. 5 – 2300 t.
  • no. 4 – 2800 t.

Electronic devices for thermal balancing of the dies
Equipment for vacuum application

Suppliers of foundry machinery:
Pressure die-casters: COLOSIO, IDRA, ITALPRESSE, MAICO Robots: ABB, KUKA

By the undergoing expansion plant of Portacomaro Stazione was transferred the machining shop, with quality, logistics and offices.


  • CNC MACHINES: vertical twin-spindle, double table
  • CNC MACHINES: horizontal and separate working twin-spindle
  • CNC MACHINES: twin-spindle, vertical
  • CNC MACHINES: vertical one spindle and double table

Suppliers of machining equipment:STAMA, CHIRON, TECNOMECCANICA, EMMEOTTO, FAMUP