9th March 2020

We’d like to update you about the current situation in Fondalpress in the confused and sad circumstances of this period, following the approval of the emergency decree of 08.03.2020 to contain the spread of the coronavirus.
The emergency decree applies to the entire Lombardy region, as well as other municipalities in northern Italy, in eastern Piedmont (Asti among the others).

The limitations of movement concern reasons different from job, health or business.
Anyway, we’d like to let you know that:
• we are fully working with no limitations
• we are taking all the safety measures suggested by the authorities
• the Minister of Transport confirmed that goods may regularly enter and leave the territories concerned. Truck drivers can therefore enter and leave the territories concerned and move within them, limited to the needs of delivery or collection of goods.
The measures are expected to remain in place until April 3rd.

We do not expect further constraint and we believe we can keep on the ordinary delivery schedule.
At your disposal for more detailed information