Fondalpress selects specialised suppliers mostly in its region:

deburring, shot-blasting, tumbling, machining, surface treatments like anodizing and painting. Receiving industrialised 3D data, Fondalpress is able to supply hardened prototypes made out of special alloys, in laboratory load tested.

Components (metallic, plastic, rubber, silicone etc) are bought in Italy and abroad.

To build long-lasting relations with sub-suppliers allows Fondalpress to keep stability with the customers.

Manufacturing a finished product, ready for its next application at the clients’ premises, involves: finishing processes such as deburring, shot-blasting and tumblingcomplex machining carried out using CNC and transfer machines centres; leakage tests, assembly and whatever is requested.

Packaging and shipping using an electronic data interchange (EDI) system complete the cycle of what is an extremely high quality product.