The Fondalpress Company was started in 1969 in Castell’Alfero (Asti) on solid rootsthanks to the experience of its founder, Alessandro Doglione, who has owned a die-casting, gravity casting and sand casting foundry in Turin since the mid-1950s. Realising the potential of the automotive sector, Mr Doglione decided to create a Company totally dedicated to die-castings. This perception and the commitment applied were rewarded by the clients – in just a few years Fondalpress became a point of reference in Italy and abroad. Today it is recognised as a leader in die-casting aluminium alloys and machining, and is a trusted partner of leading brands worldwide.

Committed to providing punctual, concrete and efficient responses to the clients’ needs, Fondalpress invests considerable resources every year in improving the performance of each department through machinery upgrading and staff updating and training. Professionalism and technological know-how enable Fondalpress to operate in a highly competitive market by offering a range of personalised solutions, in ongoing development.

In a market where the only constant is change, being able to quickly adapt to demands is imperative. Fondalpress provides a technical service capable of finding the most suitable solutions. It develops the design idea according to the highest optimisation levels, both in term of product and process.

Fondalpress uses computer systems to simulate die filling and to analyse the metal flow in the die-casting dies, suggesting improvements to the product. To reduce time and costs in the development phase, Fondalpress supplies ‘rapid prototyping’ pieces (SLA, SLS), prototypes and small lots made with gypsum casting and sand casting, processing and producing ‘soft-tooling’ dies that allow for realistic advance checks before moving on to series tooling.